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1. Introduction

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The AHA is vitally concerned to secure a more attractive energy deal for its members and  hospitality sector partners. The rising cost of energy has caused great stress to some hotel’s balance sheets. CES has been commissioned by AHA to develop a new energy deal for the sector with cost reduction of electricity as the core objective.

Energy Prices

–Energy prices in Australia have increased significantly over the 2017/2018 period.

–The AHA is committed to lowering energy prices for its members.

–Clean Energy Strategies is working with the AHA on delivering lower energy prices to its members by bulk buying energy on behalf of members.

–PPAs have traditionally only been done by large corporate energy users.

–The AHA PPA will be the first of its kind in Australia, offering participants in the deal clean energy at a much reduced price.


2. The Offer

3. How the Deal Works

What is a PPA?

Diagram showing energy market flows currently and under a PPA

Diagram showing energy market flows currently and under a PPA

  • A PPA is a contract between the final energy user and the generator to purchase energy at a pre-agreed price for a pre-agreed period of time.

  • A PPA is typically only entered with large single corporate energy users.

  • The AHA deal is the first case in Australia of aggregating small energy users that would normally be locked out of the PPA market - by aggregating their load across hundreds of individual companies.

The AHA Example

  • Pubs are treated by energy retailers as individual businesses with small volumes, meaning their electricity prices are high.

  • These businesses are required to renegotiate their electricity retail contracts periodically, and therefore be exposed to the volatile electricity costs.

  • By aggregating their load, AHA Members can access the PPA market and negotiate a more competitive price for long-term electricity procurement while also supporting clean, renewable energy.

Other PPA Transactions

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3. Case Studies

4. Savings Calculator

Benefits To You

By aggregating their load together, AHA Members get access to more competitive electricity prices that are typically only available to the large energy users.


Benefits to the AHA and Industry

The AHA will be a financial stakeholder in the project alongside Board representation. This deal gives back to your industry association and further supports the AHA in their vital work advocating for the hotel and hospitality industry.



Read through our frequently asked questions section to find out more about the deal and what it means for you


Savings Calculator

Use the savings calculator to find out how much you'll save


Register Your Interest

If you have not responded to the AHA to register your interest in the PPA deal, then please click the button below and fill out the form so we can contact you if the opportunity arises for you to participate.