AHA Member Electricity Offer by Simply Energy: SAVINGS CALCULATOR

This Savings Calculator is designed to give you an indication of the possible price savings that the Offer may be able to achieve for your hotel in year 2020.

Please enter the amounts indicated on your most recent electricity bill to see what savings you could make under the Offer.

This tool is designed to provide a guide as to the potential savings the Offer may achieve for you in terms of the ‘black cost of power’ and ‘LRET charges’ based on the assumption that your current pricing and consumption levels continued as is next year.


DISCLAIMER: The savings calculator is intended to provide estimates only as a guide to your potential annual savings based on one month of your energy consumption data. Your actual annual savings may be lower or higher depending on your actual consumption month-to-month.  The savings calculator is not intended to replace personal advice and you should not rely on this calculator in deciding on your electricity supply. AHA and CES disclaim all liability and responsibility to any person who relies, in whole or part, on this calculator.